Man oh man.... a lot of stuff to talk about! Actually, enough that I'll be splitting some of this off into a different blog... Anyway... First of all, Dan Cohen and I are headed to Norway tomorrow. We'll be on the small screen, the radio, and the good old print media trail. (Music just sounds better in a newspaper). I'll put the performances up on the requisite websites.

Secondly, "Damned if I Do", written by myself and Stephany Delray, will be appearing in the July 18th episode of "True Blood"!! I know some scene details, but have made the typical "HBO Death Oath" and can't reveal them. It's gonna be kinky... but hell, it's "True Blood", waddya expect!

Third on the list of bofo announcements; a new music video for "One of Them" will be released in the next few weeks. It's every bit as twisted and bizarre as the tune! Matt Blair, a good friend and fantastic film maker, will be delivering the finished product to me this very week! Stay tuned.

Last, but not least; recording for the new album will begin in August. Even better? You can come watch! Check out this link: MPI

That's all for now, but check back for some more info on upcoming "True Blood" tunes and the beginning of the new record!