Not really. I know it's been a little quiet around here of late, but there's a storm coming. Trust me. September I'll be producing the great Folk/Americana artist Melody Jane Pool. More on that soon.

Then in October, the boys and I will be headed North. We've got a handful of shows in Norway.

It'll be a hyper bluesy affair with Dan Cohen and Chris Raspante doing their gunslinging best, while I lay down the bass. That's right kiddos; daddy's back on bass. For now.

Even cooler, my man Tim Horsley will be slinging the skins this go 'round. Tim has played drums with Nashville acts like Keith Urban and Gary Allan. He also played with me on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

All in all, Norway is about to get smacked around. Not Norwegian? Buy a ticket, jump a plane. They all speak your language, make a mean reindeer steak and would be delighted to see you're beautiful self. And their so damn pretty! Bring a camera.

Anyhoo, check the DATES tab for Norway shows. I can't be fucked to post a hyperlink. I'm very busy.

Lastly, there's a record in the can. Not the toilet Einstein. In the drawers. Ah hell... I made a record. It's all about Bible stuff. It's also the best damn record I've ever made. We got Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, my main man Judas Iscariot, Peter the Rock, Saphirra, Sodom and Gomorrah; hell it's a dang Vacation Bible School Rock Opera! With a few twists of course. Brad Jones and I got the usual crew together for a meeting of the minds. 5 minutes later we had coffee. Then we called our friends and made this record. Fun was had, tears were shed, shirts were rent and ashes melded with the sackcloth.

Also, barbecue. There's a really good joint right around the corner that Jones turned us onto. Sweet.

So, that'll be coming out in 2013. It's called "Terra Rosa" and it will fry your brain. You're welcome.

Stay tumescent....

As the Prophet says (Chuck that is), Peace out cub scout


PS- Go buy Chucks new record."Temple Beautiful". Unlike much in this world, it does not suck.

PSS- I promise to put links to stuff next time around. I've been awake for 20 hours and just can't finger it all out.