It's been a busy week! I received my 4th BMI award this week. This time around for "Bad Things". It's in this show called "True Blood" some of you may have heard of. So that was fun. I love obelisk shaped glass crystal so this was kind of a big deal... Also, L.A. has some pretty good weather and food. Also, a show I TRULY love, "Men of a Certain Age" on TNT, has been using "More to Life" in a promo spot for the upcoming season. It's always cool to get your music used in film and TV, but in the case of this show and "True Blood" it's extra cool; 'cause I really dig the shows! I'd post a link, but I'm having trouble finding one...

Things come in three's apparently. For those of you who enjoy the video games all the kids are talking about, you'll soon find a ditty of mine in a new advert for one of those. The deal ain't done, so I can't mention it by name. But let's just say we're negotiating the deal for a lifetime supply of Mountain Dew and Microsoft Xbox Live gamer points. Game on, son.

Also, there's a little tour coming up.... more on that tomorrow. But I'll be posting some ticket links for those of you not clever enough to read or use Google. I know it's hard kids. But try. Just a little.

That's all for now. I'm going to look into this sleep thing folks have been raving about.

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