Hey kids, So I have been invited to attend the 2009 BMI Film and Television Awards in Beverly Hills this Wednesday May 20th. Pretty cool. This will be my second BMI award (the first for penning "Your Man" a number 1 country record for Josh Turner). I honestly have no idea what the award stuff means... I guess that somebody, somewhere, with a bunch of money notices you exist for a minute and wants to give you a gold star.

I like gold stars.

I like popsicles more though.

Anyway, I'm taking my label mate and guitar hero friend Mr. Dan Cohen as a date. He is sooo cute. We're gonna spend the week in L.A. working on our tan and getting our hair highlighted. Also, we have head-shots for EVERYBODY! We're like the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck of Nashville. Dan, can I be Matt? Ben has had some weird stuff go down. Although...J.Lo is kinda cute...

Obviously, all this love and affection for "True Blood" has been a nice shot in the arm and I can't wait to unleash the unfettered greatness of "Red Revelations" on the world.

Call mom, I'm gonna be home late...