Dan Cohen and I just returned last night from 17 days on the West Coast. It was a hell of a run. From Hotel Utah in San Francisco to Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. (What's the deal with "Hotel" named bars?). We finished up the run with some of my new favorite people, The Duhks. Holy crap!! They are an amazing band. Even more amazing is what great people they are. They really took us under their wing (pun intended) and treated us with the utmost of kindness and respect. PLEASE go buy their record and catch them live when you can. You'll thank me later.

Manana, Dan, Stephany and I will head off to London. Just two shows there, but the record is flying off of the shelves. We're really excited for the Maidstone and London shows.

I'll try and blog some details about the last few weeks as I find time. This "Mom & Pop" scene is a gigantic time suck. Check back soon.

Hell, check back late.

Off to the crypt...