So I'm all about my new album, "Red Revelations". It's my latest, my favorite and truly where my heart is right now. Every stocking should be filled with such good cheer! That said, I made an album in 2007 of which I'm also quite proud. It's called "Old New Borrowed Blues". After going through the major label gauntlet I felt pretty beat up and creatively spent. "ONBB" was where I began to get my mojo back. The album is acoustic, "unplugged" if you will. It features myself, Chris Raspante (guitar), and Phillip Pence (bass) playing some old and new material. More of a country/blues feel on this record and very intimate.

This album was released solely via my web site in the U.S. due to some contract details with Sony. I was, however, allowed to do a label deal in the UK.

The terms of that deal meant that they could sell the album ONLY in the UK.

So.... when you see "ONBB" for sale ANYWHERE else (Amazon, iTunes, eBay, etc.) please understand that it has NOTHING to do with me or my business partners; Wrasse Records, the Haywood Group or Weston Boys. The only place to purchase this record from me is this web site,

I bring this up because I have had some complaints from fans about the ridiculous pricing of this album on Amazon. Check out this link:ONBB on Amazon

Please know that we would NEVER charge over $30 for a CD! That is asinine.

If you want some tender-juicy-country-blues... don't mess around! Come to the source!