Here we go kiddos. The band and I are all packed up and getting in the van. And going to the airport. And sitting in Coach for 16.5 hours. Did I mention the hatred for flying this band shares?

So with that in mind, all my peeps down in Oz need to get their asses out to some shows! C'mon now, we can't live on Quantas peanuts for 14 days! We need folks at these shows!!

For those of you unfamiliar with how web sites work, here's a direct link to the dates page:

We're looking forward to it all; Kangaroo steaks, toilets running backwards, shrimps on Barbies (we hope it's Malibu Barbie), and of course, learning the language.


But seriously folks, buy a ticket or twelve and come see the big show.


G'day Mate!