This mostly applies to my friends and family in Texas, but what with the world wide interwebnets we can all play! Monday July 27th I will be performing some new material on the KDFW Fox 4 Texas morning show-GOOD DAY.

Joining me as my band will be some dear old friends- THE VELVET LOVE BOX The guitarist, Scot Cloud, is one of the first guys I ever did a gig with. I was 15! The drummer, Brandon Bumpas, is one of the most inventive and creative percussionists you will ever see or hear. The bassist, Neil Schnell, is a great singer, songwriter and bass player. These guys have been my real life buddies for years and I've spent many a night at the bar wondering how they can sound so huge. Now let's hope they don't fuck it all up on TV! (I kid, I kid)

We gotta be there by like 6:30 a.m., but I think the actual performance is late in the day... like 8:30 or something. WTF!? Anyway, it ought to be fun. We will be bleary eyed and puffy (as usual), but enjoying the Foxxy festivities! Tune in, Drop Out, Hang Around...

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