So here we be.... on the other side of the world. 15 time zones from the crib. The flight was long and sleepy. Astonishingly, all of our luggage made it with us. We are breaking new ground!

We arrived Monday morning in Brisbane and then headed to Sydney.

They have a cute little Opera House we had to check out. Pretty cool.

They also have astonishingly expensive food. As in, "Holy shit!! $22 for a chicken sandwich? Can I get a reach around with that? Or maybe some fries?"

Anyway, it's a good town as far as we can tell.

Dan and I did the local morning TV program. Surprisingly, they wanted us to play "Bad Things". That song sure is popular. We don't get it ourselves, but there you go.

I also did a little radio show with Kirsty Akers. She's a sweetheart of a girl and a spitfire. Kind of an Aussie Dolly Parton for these modern times of today. We performed a Neil Young song on the air. Apparently, it's Neil Young Day in Sydney. I have no idea what was happening.

Tomorrow we're taking a holiday and going to the Sydney Zoo. I'm going to try and ride a Kangaroo. I'll keep ya posted...

If you're about, be sure and come see us at the Basement on Thursday night.