Well, it’s been a while kids. No doubt about that. But today is the day... well, in cyberspace anyway. My new album, “Terra Rosa” is finally out there. It’s a strange new world in which we live. The record is available all over the planet with the flip of a switch. You can buy it from Apple (a computer company). You can buy it from Amazon (a warehousing and shipping company). You can just listen to it for “free” damn near anywhere and within minutes of it’s release, you could likely download it for free!

I don’t know what to think about all of it. The technology changes so quickly, it’s pretty difficult to get a hard on about anything that lasts long enough to matter!

So I’ve taken a new stance. It’s called; “Have it your way, Dude”. Not only is this a doff of the cap to my favorite movie, “The Big Lebowski”, but it’s also a pretty good way to maintain my much lauded sunny disposition.

So, however you get the new record, I hope you enjoy the hell out of it! It was a true labor of love for me.

Growing up as an Evangelical Christian, in the diamond crusted buckle of the Bible Belt, I turned out to be a kinda weird dude. A dichotomy of rebellious hipster doofus and square jawed traditionalist. Well, I’ve never been skinny enough to really be a hipster. And I really like shaving.

Whatever you think of the music, I’m grateful for the opportunity to make it. I could be flipping burgers or slinging drinks. Hell, I may yet go back to both!

So thanks for giving me a shot. Thanks for listening. I’m a damn lucky man to get to put out these increasingly bizarre sonic experiments and even be noticed.

Your Fan,

Jace Everett