Howdy folks, The vinyl came out of the closet yesterday. Looking good too.You can get some here:


It's the first time "Bad Things" has made it onto a petroleum based product and we're pretty stoked about it. "Beyond the Wall" is the B-side and I've got to say, it sounds epic.

Of course the new album "Terra Rosa" is also on vinyl. The art work from my Dublin based buddy Steve Averill looks astonishingly gorgeous in the larger format. The late Janet Shafner (1931-2011) was an incredible artist and I am in her husbands debt for allowing me to use her gorgeous painting "Adam and Eve: The Sparks".

Please check out both of these great artists: Janet Shafner

Steve Averill

Also, here's an interview from September that I thought I'd share. It's got some good bits...

Next post I'll get back to talkin' lyrics with youin's...