Hey kids, Welcome to 2011. Or as several Nashville area billboards are advertising, "The Year of the Rapture". Apparently, Jesus is coming back in May of 2011. Just a few days before my birthday. Which is really bullshit. He's waited this long... a few more days wouldn't be that big a deal. Whatever.

Anyway, with only 5 months left to go in this doomed temporality, we have decided to make some music! We'll be wrapping up the recordings we began late last year and adding a whole new batch for February. What does this mean? Well, hopefully it will mean a new "album" before May. Stay tuned as new music is likely to be "leaking" right here on this sight. It should take hours after that for you to find it everywhere else!

A couple of one off shows are added as of today as well; Athens, GA and Norfolk, CT. Details are on the calendar.

Last, and most importantly; I have changed my basic foot wear. This, undoubtedly, seems trivial to the lot of you, but I assure you it is not. I have only changed my basic footwear twice in the past 30+ years. Both times the world trembled. The first time I changed shoes I went from "kiddie shoes" to "big boy shoes"; ushering in the age of the personal computer, MTV, and trickle down economics- you're welcome! The second time I made a conscious deviation in foot wear, well, Communism ended. That's right, when I went to the boots full time, the Berlin Wall fell- you're welcome, again.

Invariably the "Changing of the Shoes" leads to seismic shifts in culture, politics, and economics. I hope you're ready for this....

Happy 2011, Old JahSay