One side of a phone conversation between Jace and his label, Weston Boys:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "We've found dozens and dozens of sites featuring my music in the past few weeks! It's so great to see it catching on! Sites in Russia, South Africa, China, even Idaho!"

"Tens of thousands of people have downloaded "Bad Things" in the last month alone!"

"I've really made it big now!"

"What? What's that you're saying? What's a "bit torrent"?"

"For free? Like "free", free?"


Dialtone and curtain --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Based on actual events we present this "DRAMATIC MOMENT WITH JACE" to remind our viewers that you can purchase the new album, "Red Revelations" on iTunes for only $9.99! Twelve songs! About 84 cents a song!

You can steal it lots of places. But every time a record is stolen God has to kill a kitty.