I've had a small mass of people ask for the lyrics to the new record, "TerraRosa".

Small mass. Sounds like something my future Oncologist might say...

Anyway, I'll work on getting the lyrics up here in the next week or so. Just rest assured that they are all really great. Brilliant even. Well, they rhyme anyway. Mostly.

For you weirdos (like me) that care who wrote these songs, here's a list:

1. IN THE GARDEN- That was just me. I wrote this one as I was creating the track. The lyrics just kind of tumbled out.

2. NO PLACE TO HIDE- Sometimes it's better to just let it be. 

3. LLOYDS SUMMER VACATION- Words were written by me. There was some musical input by Dan Cohen, Chris Raspante and Jacques Laurent.

4. BEYOND THE WALL- Wrote this one with Dan Cohen. He had the chords and the melody idea for the verses. We then hacked away at it for an hour or so. I think it's one of the few truly "pretty" songs we've written in quite a while. I love Dan Cohen a bunch.

5. PENNSYLVANIA- Another ditty with Dan Cohen. He was on a slide mandolin kick at the time. I'm not sure that's even a thing, but it was that weekend.

6. THE GREAT FISH- Totally my fault. I tried to get as much maritime imagery as I could and flip it on it's head.

7. RISE UP- Guilty here as well. This one is a dialog. The chorus/refrain is one character and the verses another. A rather heated and absurdly melodramatic argument.

8. LOVE CUT ME DOWN- Irritating at this point, but another solo write. This all tumbled out at 7 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. Dan was asleep in the next room, Stephany asleep upstairs. I was whispering the song into my tape recorder and playing an unplugged telecaster. The work tape is pretty creepy.

9. LIKE A SONG- Wrote this with Brad Jones, my co-producer. He pitched me the basic music idea and told me to get Dylanesque. I did. Then he fixed the parts I had screwed up.

10. SAPPHIRA- My words, but musical help by Chris Raspante. This one is supposed to be tongue in cheek and as absurd as the source material. It may have gotten away from me a bit. I might like this better if somebody else sang it. But, what the hell...

11. PRETTY GOOD PLAN- I had the idea and direction, but Bill Lloyd helped me bring it all home at the 11th hour. Thanks Bill! This was a tricky one lyrically, but I'm happy with it in the end.

So there you go.

When the vinyl and CD come out in October they will include all the pretty pictures and words and such. Also the fresh smell of plastic, paper and paint.