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A Day in the Life- At Abbey Road Studio 2

Hey Folks,

It's been a minute, yes? Not much has changed.

The world is on fire. Doom and gloom abound. The climate is inexorably retaliating against our collective hubris. Wars and rumors of war fill us all with an existential dread. Heads of State bicker like school children in the Twitter-sphere. All the while, bloviating demagogues vie for their turn at the helm of the ever sinking ship.

Also, we've got a couple of killer new tracks for you!!

Fuck yeah, man!

Last summer was a marathon of a tour for Dan Cohen, Kasey Todd, and me. Bouncing between Norway, Sweden, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and parts elsewhere, the lads and I actually managed to record a couple of new songs; At Abbey Road Studio 2, no less.

You can see pics and get the low down on the details at Kasey Todd's web site: LINK HERE

These two tunes were originally written last Spring. They are part of a larger collection of songs that will be recorded in early 2016. The style is a little different, writing wise, than anything I've done before. I had, and have, a really strong idea of how these things need to go.

So, Dan and Kasey decided to ignore that. Pricks.

What we wound up doing as a "rock trio" on the road, is a far cry from where I saw these songs headed. However, what a fascinating, and truly satisfying experience to record these almost "cabaret" style songs as a no frills rock band, in a world class studio.

Julian Kindred came down to Abbey Road and did the engineering honors. We then brought the tracks back to Brad Jones to have him mix.

What we ended up with is very special to me and the guys. A snap shot really. Of what, where, and maybe even who, we all were in the summer of 2015.

Of course, he not busy being bored is busy cryin'. Or something. So, we hope you dig these tunes.

New music, old ideas, and misguided missions to follow.

Happy New Year,

Jace Everett

Jace Everett Trio- Abbey Road EP available digitally in January