No True Blood until July 12th!! What better time to dry your bloody tears and check out the new Jace Everett record; "RED REVELATIONS".11 brand new tracks on the CD, some inspired by the first season of True Blood! And of course the vampirey goodness of the bonus track; "Bad Things (Theme from True Blood)".

Gotta get the instant fix? Go to iTunes and download all 12 tracks for only $9.99!!

Want the pretty pictures and new music smell? Order the CD right here at The Store.

If you really like your needles there's always the two vinyl versions of the record; 180g BLACK vinyl, or the "Special Blood Red Edition" which includes 180g RED vinyl, a signed album jacket, and a personally autographed photo of Jace.

Bill & Sookie will be back on the twelfth of July. I think Mr. Everett even broke down and ordered cable!