Dan Cohen and I will be de-icing the plane this January and headed to the UK and Norway for a little gripping, grinning, picking and... well, I dunno. We are piecing together a "proper" tour for the Spring. Likely targets? UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Spain. Why not France? I can almost speak French. C'mon my Froggy friends, pool your resources and get me to the land of la liberté, l'égalité et grand fromage!

Anyway, that's later. First off Dan and I are gonna come over and seduce you into a sense of false insecurity.

January 30th at The Greystones-Sheffield

February 1st at The Cluny 2- Newcastle

February 2nd at Oran Mor- Celtic Connections Festival- Glasgow

February 6th at Buckleys in Oslo

February 7th at Madam Felle in Bergen

See ya there folks! JE