Giving Back

When you travel with us to Experience Jace Everett, every trip matters

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Click, Travel and Give to HopeSong

It is one thing to say that you care about others and it is quite a different thing to do something about it.

We love it when our fans travel to see us. And we have made a decision to partner with, to give back to them every time you take a trip with us.

This is what we call a win-win-win.

We win, because we form deeper relationships with our fans. Without you, we don’t have a reason for being.

You win, because you have a unique experience to share with friends and family the next time you get together.

HopeSong wins, because they get a donation every time you travel.

Come and hear us

Listen to their story and take a look at our concert schedule for the rest of the year.

For the faint of heart, you can come to Madison WI (summer time, so you won’t freeze) and Nashville TN to hear us. If you are adventurous and have a valid passport, you will want to do the UK and/or Norway.

Click HERE to see where you can Experience Jace Everett.

If you want to find out how to help HopeSong with every trip that you take to anywhere, contact Jace. He’ll hook you up with the TravelingToGive tool.