Well, it's that weird time... Not Christmas, not New Years. T'ain't neither one! But it's always a good time to get your Red Rev on!

Order now and you can get my new record, "Red Revelations" for the exact same price as always!!

How can you resist?

January will be spent writing and recording. There are some exciting new things happening. A certain rumbling and bumbling that I know to be the beginnings of killer tunes. There will be a new TV show in 2010 featuring a killer theme song... More on that later. (and no I don't mean True Blood Mach3, although that will be out in June).

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, free of terrorists, dysfunctional governments, and dirty Santas.

We'll have some new tunes up in the next month or so, so come back often and keep spreading the good word...

Peace, JahSay