The July 18 new episode of HBO's TRUE BLOOD series will feature my song Damned If I Do, from RED REVELATIONS! Jace Everett -- Red Revelations album cover

As you all know, the show leads off with "Bad Things." For the July 18 episode -- the plot details of which must of course remain mysterious -- we'll hear a few minutes (that's a lot!) of "Damned If I Do" during the action. Perhaps looking at the lyrics will suggest what might happen (you can listen at Amazon or iTunes or other digital stores):

Damned If I Do

Late at night,
All I can do
Is walk these streets,
And think of you.
Time goes by,
But not for me;
So easy to preach,
But hard to believe.
And I'm damned if I do,
Damned if I don't
Want you.

To taste your lips,
To touch your skin,
To hold you close,
And drink you in;
I should let you go,
But I don't know how;
I'm no good for you,
And I'm nothing without.
And I'm damned if I do,
But damned if I don't
Want you.